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Asking women to lean-in more to emulate men's often deeply flawed leadership style, will neither improve their quota among the ranks, nor the quality of leadership overall. Instead we need to become more effective at weeding out incompetent men. So long as we continue to associate leadership with masculine features, we can expect female leaders to be evaluated more negatively even when their performance is higher than that of their male counterparts, and even when those who evaluate them are women. Read more...

April 13, 2019

Much of what comes out of people’s mouths in business these days is sugar-coated, couched, and polished. The messages are manufactured, trying to strike just the right tone. Genuine emotion stands in stark contrast. It’s a real person sharing a real feeling. When we hear it, we’re riveted — for one because it’s rare, but also because it’s real. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable and a little messy. But that’s what makes it powerful. No one is trying to hide anything. Read more...

April 4, 2019

I have not posted a new article in a very long time. You might think I was just not very productive over the past months. Yet, maybe, I made a conscious choice to put my attention on other things. I will leave the answer to this question a mystery, but I do encourage you to read Adam Grant's latest article on time vs. attention management. I have declined every client's request to do a training or workshop on productivity, because, like Adam, I believe there is nothing to be gained from it. We have more time saving and productivity tools than we have ever had in history and yet we seem to have...

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July 5, 2019

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