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There is now a premium on intellectual curiosity and learnability. What you know is less relevant than what you may learn, and knowing the answer to questions is less critical than having the ability to ask the right questions in the first place. The authors lay out 4 important strategies on how to create a learning culture with your own team to build these desired traits:

1. Reward continuous learning

2. Give meaningful and constructive feedback

3. Lead by example

4. Hire curious people



July 22, 2018

Published back in 2009, this article summarizes the findings of social neuroscience and makes the case for just how important being accepted and feeling socially well connected is to an individual. Yes, that also means at the workplace! When leaders make people feel good about themselves, clearly communicate their expectations, give employees latitude to make decisions, support people’s efforts to build good relationships, and treat the whole organization fairly, it prompts a reward response. Others in the organization become more effective, more open to ideas, and more creative. David uses hi...

I did not post anything last week. Probably, because I was so busy trying to understand this really technical article that I am posting today. It is an important reminder for those of us who soak up the newest research findings in human and professional development: "Just because it's published does not mean it's true". The research world is competitive and a researcher's motivation can encourage bias in study design that significantly increases the risk of a false positive. In fact, some argue that most research findings published these days is actually false. Read more...

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July 5, 2019

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