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Coaching is not something that comes naturally to everyone. Nor is it a skill that is automatically acquired in the course of learning to manage. And done poorly, it can cause a lot of harm.

So before leaders, who naturally tend to offer advice, can shift from their status quo style to a coaching style, here are a few fundamental attributes they should possess.


There are managers who coach and managers who don’t. Those, who do, are steadfast believers in the value of coaching and name 4 reasons for why they do it.

1. They see coaching as an essential tool for achieving business goals.

2. They enjoy helping people develop

3. They are curious

4. They are interested in establishing connections.

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September 9, 2017

When we think about “resilience,” we typically imagine bouncing back from major hardship. Management theorists have increasingly put forward a more nuanced definition, however: resilience as the ability to adapt to complex change. Ron brilliantly explains 4 approaches of how to build your resilience:

1. Take honest stock of your skills

2. Curb misplaced irritability

3. Push back on unrealistic expectations instead of passing them on

4. Recognize when you’ve fallen into ambivalence and go back to first principles

September 9, 2017

Life is too short to be unhappy at work. Yet many professionals who are free to shape their careers are just that: disengaged, unfulfilled, and miserable. Far too many of us fall into common “happiness traps”—destructive mindsets and ways of working that keep us stuck, unhappy, and ultimately less successful. Three of the most common happiness traps—ambition, doing what’s expected of us, and working too hard—seem productive on the surface but are harmful when taken to the extreme. Read more...

Just like there is no magic pill for weight loss, there is no one silver bullet to becoming a better leader. While mindfulness is the latest buzz word and its practices are - rightfully so - gaining much attention, it is just one building block for leaders to pursue in the quest for becoming a more balanced and effective version of themselves. Daniel Goleman and Matthew Lippincott explain how improving your capacity for emotional intelligence amplifies your mindfulness work. Read more...

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July 5, 2019

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