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4 Ways Busy People Sabotage Themselves

4 Ways Busy People Sabotage Themselves Image

You’ve left an important task undone for weeks. It’s hanging over you, causing daily anxiety. And yet instead of actually doing it, you do a hundred other tasks instead. Or you’ve been feeling guilty about not replying to an email, even though replying would only take 10 minutes. Sound familiar? Reading this article will make you feel good, because it shows you that you are not alone in your "irrational" patterns. On top you will learn how to work on overcoming these patterns to increase your own effectiveness. You might have though of some of the solutions yourself, but I have often not given myself permission to implement them, because I thought I could just stop the pattern by telling myself to do so. Hence, lots of validation in this article, that there are better ways to help yourself. Read more...

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