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we believe in tailored


It seems these days you can buy off-the-shelf self-improvement books and leadership development advice at every corner. We believe that effective leadership development, such that leads to sustained change, must be carefully crafted to fit every client's unique situation. It must​

  1. Build on practical learning experiences (e.g., role-plays, case studies) and time for reflection

  2. Rely on practices that are rooted in scientific findings rather than anecdotal evidence

  3. Build in mechanisms of accountability

  4. Connect to the leaders' business environment and its current challenges

  5. Be delivered at the appropriate time (i.e., when skills are expected on the job)

How can we be of service?

training program
Design a training program for a cohort of leaders

You would like to develop a specific group of leaders in your organization? You might already have a strong hypothesis of which skills and capabilities are required? Then let us discuss how we can help you design an effective leadership development program.

Find examples of how we might work together and what a training program could look like below.

Establish a corporate leadership academy

We work with our clients to

  • Understand their vision and objectives: What should leaders be able to do at every stage of their career?

  • Assess the status quo of leaderships skills and existing training programs against that vision

  • Jointly craft an integrated training curriculum that closes gap and excels leadership to a new level of performance

Find examples of how we might work together and what a corporate academy could look like below.

Build individual training modules for specific skills

We love building training modules that are exciting and effective. In fact, we believe the two go hand in hand. We are happy to support you in building custom training modules for the leadership cohorts you want to develop. Exemplary situations in which custom training modules may be needed are 

  • Teaching an industry, function or company specific skill for which no quality training program exists

  • Combining skills and capabilities taught in a new way to address company-specific processes

  • Adapting training content to company specific requirements (e.g., leadership model, HR processes)

  • Building training modules to accompany internal change efforts

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