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we believe in sustained change through 


The best way to predict the future is to create it

- Peter Drucker


The most rewarding investments are those into yourself. The objective of coaching is to help you be the very best version of yourself, as a professional and as a whole person. We work with emerging and established leaders and entrepreneurs that want to grow. They want to grow their ability to lead their business, their teams, their lives, in a way that is effective, meaningful, and sustainable to them.


Over the course of typically 6-8 months, your coach creates a safe and fully confidential environment for you to explore your goals and ambitions, your values and beliefs, as well as your fears and inner critics. As an unbiased outsider, your coach will give you the feedback nobody else wants to give you, help you identify blind spots, become your ally, and push you to take action that stretches you to the edge of your comfort zone.




  1. Schedule your free individual sample session.

  2. Liked the sample session? Schedule a Discovery session for us to explore your goals.

  3. Schedule weekly or bi-weekly 60 minute coaching sessions - and make change happen for you


In organizations our coaching engagement will typically take one of the following 3 forms:

  • Support the development of high potentials

  • Act as a sounding board for senior leaders

  • Facilitate management transitions and change programs

For organizational inquiries please use the Contact form 


While a solid coaching model and methodology provide a great frame for successful coaching, a skillful coach carefully selects the reflective techniques that promise the greatest effect for each individual client. We draw from a variety of academic fields including

  • Positive Psychology - How a happier state of mind leads to improved performance 

  • Emotional Intelligence - How emotional range, self-awareness, and self-management skills can build stronger relationships

  • Neuroscience - Creating habits by solidifying new neural pathways and taking advantage of the brain's reward system

  • Mindfulness - How meditation, yoga, or breathing exercises can reduce stress, relieve pressure, and improve focus

  • Somatics - How attention to physical sensations can increase self-awareness and improve the ability to keep composure

  • Existentialism and Logotherapy - How identifying your values creates meaning and purpose at work and beyond

  • Behavioral Economics - How awareness of human biases and emotional influence leads to better decisions

  • Transformational Change Theories - How reconciling deeply held beliefs and fears can help you overcome limiting mindset


  • Creating a vision and achieving it

  • Balancing professional success and personal fulfillment

  • Dealing with difficult conversations and relationships

  • Stress management: how to cope, be confident, and deliver 

  • Finding meaning at work: developing an authentic career

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