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4 foundational 


While industry & technical knowledge can be important factors for a leader's credibility, they are not at the foundation of leadership success. In our own experience and in conversations with many corporate leaders on all levels, 4 areas of leadership capabilities consistently emerged as essential assets in any industry, function, or role:

Our training modules enable leaders to...


Grasping, logically structuring, and solving a given problem, and relating implications back to the big picture

  • Clearly define the problem that requires solving

  • Break a problem into distinct parts using a logical structure

  • Prioritize issues and most valuable analysis

  • Synthesize findings and voice recommendations effectively


Breaking down a desired project outcome into discrete end products and managing timely, coordinated and quality delivery by a team

  • Structure complex projects into parallel and sequential workstreams

  • Build end-product, not activity based, work plans involving team members

  • Set up proper stakeholder mapping and management, incl. governance

  • Manage the project using effective reporting tools and steering mechanism

  • Find an optimal approach for leading team members on a daily basis


Designing and implementing the appropriate measures to achieve cultural and/or behavioral change in an organization

  • Understand the major forces that encourage change or lead to resistance

  • Set up appropriate change initiatives that encourage new behaviors

  • Identify and leverage key stakeholders that can act as change leaders

  • Sense pockets of resistance early and develop countermeasures

  • Monitor implementation and find an appropriate measurement for change


Delivering compelling written and oral communications in an engaging, structured and direct manner

  • Structure and prioritize messages

  • Develop an appropriate storyline for their audience and the issue at hand

  • Make it interesting for the stakeholder(s) addressed

  • Use professional visuals to support communication

Example training modules

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